Inquest Expenditure

The table below sets out the expenditure for the Inquest up to and including 31 January 2013. The Inquest was resumed on Thursday 13 October 2011 and expenditure from that date is included. Only expenditure authorised through, or on behalf of, the Inquest Secretariat is included in these figures. Although the Inquest provides funding for the Solicitors and Counsel to the Inquest it does not does not fund representation for the Interested Parties.

Costs incurred to 28 February 2013
Legal Services £870,309.09
General Staffing £50,371.18
Running Costs inc. Accommodation & Transcription £7,164.69
IT £28,650.00
Accomodation £12,347.50
Total £968,842.46


Please note that these figures only include amounts which have been processed and assigned to the Inquest account. Further information about the cost of the Inquest will be posted here at regular intervals. Please note that all figures exclude VAT.